Create a print campaign using only lyrics for headlines.


HYPEBEAST seeks to drive culture forward, but before the brand can do this it has to first understand the meticulous history of each culture's fine arts. The body copy in each ad informs the audience that HYPEBEAST not only understands this concept, but that HYPEBEAST practically invented it.


Headline and body for each ad. 


"You can buy school but you can't buy class"

Class isn't given and HYPEBEAST isn't naive. We understand that class is a deeply-rooted trait that deserves respect and careful attention in every form.


"Being an artist, that's the best excuse for being crazy."

The craziest of ideas can become some of the most admirable creations. Every design has a story or an unknown inspiration and HYPEBEAST wants to report the genesis of each one of these cultural aspects. HYPEBEAST not only helps you stay culturally educated and aware, HYPEBEAST is driving culture forward.


"No pop, no style. I strictly roots."

There's more to culture than the way you present yourself. Learn why today's top artists are finding inspiration from a variety of different cultures.

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