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I Escaped

By: Peyton Benge

I don't know how I escaped the borders of this state's mentality. I don't say this as a matter to declare myself more intelligent. This is simply a thought that has struck me to the very core of my soul. I have an overwhelming sense of an underlying hate running through not only this state, but my blood, my country and throughout the world. I hear it in the words at dining tables. I see it displayed in public spaces. It is not hiding its head but somehow hate is running amongst us unnoticed or possibly unopposed.


I don't believe we are doing our job to reverse the hate filling our own brethren either. Hate is being manipulated from an underlying fear that all of us as humans possess: a fear of our own humanity. We as humans naturally have a minute amount of fear of one another due to our evolutionary past of survival, but unfortunately I believe our survival is being tested once again. This new test has commenced because we humans have had our evolutionary fear amplified and morphed into an overwhelming sensation of pure hate. Hate has been exploited, and so have we. 


I encourage you to escape the boundaries of this exploited state of mind. Break free, even though you may never escape the physical borders of you current dwelling. Because if hate still lingers at or increases from its current capacity when I pass, and if my inevitable passing were within the borders of the state of Oklahoma, then I will have died undisturbed in my conscious knowing that I had escaped.



Why do you fear a man because of his skin tone? As a Christian, the man I worship possesses a skin tone quite different from my own. You understand that when you possess hate for a human, your own species, because of different hues of melanin that you are admitting you could possibly contain hate for the Savior? I pray you think of this while you continue to grasp onto your exploited intolerance. 

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