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Peyton Benge is a writer and pop artist from Yukon, OK.


Throughout grade school, Peyton classically trained as a Tenor I in a men’s chorale and was awarded all-state recognition for his talents.


In high school, he had the honor of performing the Star-Spangled Banner for both the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon and an Oklahoma City Thunder home game.


However, as he reached the end of his high school tenure, Peyton found himself becoming more interested in discovering and shaping his own particular music.


He first began performing original pieces in coffee shops and on street corners while attending the University of Oklahoma in 2016, but he wouldn’t begin releasing music on his SoundCloud until a year later.


In 2017, Peyton graduated from OU and decided to devote his efforts to booking more live performances.


He made appearances in five cities, culminating in an opening slot for “Uber Everywhere” artist, MadeinTYO,  at OU’s 2018 football homecoming concert.


And he didn’t pay to play in that slot either.


In 2018, Peyton was invited to perform at Norman Music Festival and was a regular performer at Norman’s many art walks, but in 2019, he had to put things on pause so he could land a full-time job to support his music career while also moving back in with his parents to save money and help his dad through physical therapy.


In 2019, Peyton moved to Oklahoma City to begin investing more into the thing he loves most: writing great music. Unfortunately, he had a couple more bumps ahead.


In 2020, Peyton lost his writing job that supported his music interests and he was forced to halt live performances due to COVID restrictions.


But with his extra time, he began studying recording techniques through “Youtube University,” he attended songwriting and music mixing courses at Castle Row Studios, and he has since recorded and released his 2021 debut single Read the Room.

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