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Paycom Marketing Team

Digital Ads

Paycom's largest competitor was aggressively targeting Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSPs) with digital ads, so Paycom decided to counter by creating some of their own.


This copy utilized shipping industry terms to entice DSPs to click through to a designated landing page

Email Marketing

Paycom wanted to highlight their value proposition of "eliminating multiple HR systems" in a new way by building out a new email targeting HR managers and C-suite decision-makers in all company sizes.


This execution asked recipients to sign up for a demo and was based on a thought shared by Paycom's CEO, “Paycom is the fastest racecar. Why would you choose the second or third place car?”

From this comment, Paycom's VP of Marketing directed the team to highlight the fact that Paycom's technology is unique in the HR space, and those who are not updating workplace tech are at risk of falling behind the competition.


So, how do businesses ensure a strategic HR advantage? By signing up for a hot rod instead of a hot mess.

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