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Power of Sports


Power of Sports is a monthly 30-minute television show that shares inspiring stories of how newly constructed athletic facilities have connected inner-city communities through sports while creating opportunities for these communities’ youth to join extracurricular activities that teach them valuable life lessons while also preventing them from becoming involved in gangs or other negative environments.


Write a one-page summary of Power of Sports’ episodes split into two segments: “A Field to Call Home” and “Community Spotlight.” These one-page summaries appear underneath each episode featured on the organization’s website.

Purposefully Made

Thanks to a renovated sports complex at an inner-city middle school, Charis Moss isn’t just a teacher and Lizbeth Fierro isn’t just a student. They’re witnesses to the positive impact that athletic fields can have on a school and its students.

A Coach that Cares

To the student-athletes at Northwest Classen High School, Cindy George is more than just a coach. She’s a friend, mentor, and trusted voice.

Phoenix Rising FC

The 2018 USL Experience hosted by Phoenix Rising FC created opportunities for young athletes to live the pro life while realizing their dreams and goals are close within reach.

L.E.T.S. Play

L.E.T.S. Play uses the unifying voice of soccer to develop English language skills for immigrant and refugee children in Nashville.

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