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Skulls Unlimited


This osteological company sells ethically-obtained natural bone specimens. Fortunately, they let a couple of boneheads lead them to some brilliant branding.


– Write marketing email campaigns.

– Write landing page copy.

– Shoot videos for targeted digital ads. 

Landing Page

In the lead-up to Black Friday and the rest of the holiday shopping season, we were tasked with creating a festive landing page to help promote special gift packages and the client's more quirkier items.

Below are some samples of the landing page's web copy:


Along with creating landing pages, we helped launch targeted digital campaigns using display ads and promoted emails. 

Our Shark Week campaign made a real splash. Over the course of two weeks, our digital campaign lead to $15,000 in sales of both individual shark teeth and complete jaw specimens.

Click the button below to see the initial copy for the first Shark Week email. Then, feel free to scroll through some other email/display ad samples!

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