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The Wellness Joint


Tyrants of the top shelf, purveyors of potency, The Wellness Joint only offers flower of the highest quality. Which is why we had to make sure their social presence matched the products they were dispensing. 


– Create and manage social media content

– Write marketing campaign proposals

– Write website copy (focused on SEO optimization)

– Shoot photography and edit photos


I helped wireframe this website with my team and then I produced the web copy for each page.

Along with the page titles and paragraph copy, I also selected SEO phrases for each page and ensured all of the site's copy and media content met Moz's SEO and readability criteria.

In the 9 months since its launch, the site has averaged 20 page visits a day with an average of 2 pages viewed session, all while helping over 1,000 possible customers find directions to and get in contact with the iconic dispensary.


When we took over The Wellness Joint's Instagram page, the feed didn't meet our branding standards.

Obviously, we needed to improve the online presentation of this brand, but we also had to hop over some hurdles when producing organic cannabis content.


During my time working on this social content, there was no paid or boosted social posts to help us directly reach our target audiences, because cannabis advertising on social media is not permitted under current regulations. 

In fact, we ditched Facebook and Twitter altogether, because the two programs also had strong restrictions on simply producing organic cannabis content.

Over the course of one year, we helped The Wellness Joint double their following on Instagram while using the deals and sales we promoted on Instagram to help gather over 1,000 contacts containing valuable customer data to retarget in direct-to-consumer SMS marketing.


Below are some sample posts:

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